Lebond - Sonic Toothbrush

Lebond sonic toothbrush can reach to at least 31,000 movements/min due to the national patent of magnetic constant force technology. Combined with the 6cm up and down swing function, Lebond sonic toothbrush can break the toothpaste and water into millions of microfoam, remove the stubborn teeth stain, polish the teeth, restore the natural white. In addition, Lebond sonic toothbrush adopts the suitable constant force of 100g, give comfortable massage to your gum, improve your oral blood circulation.

LHS Health Group

The LHS team rooted in a strong family heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine and possess an extensive experience of Occupational Therapy. Through decades of clinical testing, product research and development, the team has come a long way from the refining the formula to a perfecting health care concept and technique, a true integration with Western and Chinese health care system which is rarely seen in the market.

Lotus One

Portable Aroma Diffuser

  • PORTABLE – Small, palm sized, essential oil diffuser with LED light. Great for Yoga, Exercise and even having a cup of coffee
  • DESIGN – Inspired by “Flower of life”, sometimes referred to as “Sacred Geometry” is a powerful, ancient symbol that was used by different civilizations in different parts of the world more than 5,000 years ago
  • AROMATHERAPY – Treat yourself to all the good things aromatherapy can do. Relax and breath in the wonderful aroma. Relieve cough and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies, and flu.
  • AUTO SHUT OFF – Never worry about remembering to turn off our diffuser. As it will automatically turn off every hour
  • TRANQUIL AND QUIET – Enjoy a soothing color of cycling LED lights that can be stopped on a single favorite color or turned off at any time. It includes a quite small fan that helps diffuse the oil on a fragrant pad

Purisnow a brand for cleaning products that uses Premium Ingredients to give you Naturally Cleaner results. Tested by TUV in Singapore. Super Biodegradable

  • Environmental Friendly
  • Suitable for Infant Garment
  • 1 sheet could wash 3 – 5kg of clothing
  • Simply leave a sheet above the laundry and it will dissolve within 10 seconds which means nothing left over
  • Non-stickiness makes it perfect for hand wash as well
  • Saves money save time
  • No more heavy washing powder or liquid
  • Able to carry while travelling