Lebond - Sonic Toothbrush

Lebond breaks foreign technology monopoly in sonic toothbrush with efforts of 3 years

Invest the constant magnetic suspension motor

Lebond has gathered the experts in physics, engineering and dentistry since 2002. As a national proud brand, Lebond has been dedicated to becoming a helpful member for every family, brings you the highest level oral care experience with the simplest operation.

Lebond sonic toothbrush can reach to at least 31,000 movements/min due to the national patent of magnetic constant force technology. Combined with the 6cm up and down swing function, Lebond sonic toothbrush can break the toothpaste and water into millions of microfoam, remove the stubborn teeth stain, polish the teeth, restore the natural white. In addition, Lebond sonic toothbrush adopts the suitable constant force of 100g, give comfortable massage to your gum, improve your oral blood circulation.