Youth Revive Essential


  • Rejuvenation
  • Body Shaping
  • Improve Skin Elasticity, Reduce Wrinkles
  • Firming and Lifting Effect
  • Moisturizer
  • Repair Effect
  • Whitening / Glowing / Spot Removing Effect
  • Breast Firming and Lifting Effect
  • Slimming Effect
  • Alleviate Allergic Reaction
  • Alleviate Skin Inflammation
  • Relieve Hot Flash, Night Sweat
  • Anti-Radiation
  • Mood Improvement
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Anti-Hair Loss
  • Relieving Pain


Ingredients Includes:

  • Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract
  • Trifolium Pratense Extract
  • Glycine Soja (Soybean) Seed Extract
  • Punica Granatum Flower Extract
  • Lecithin
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer
  • C12-13 Alkyl Glyceryl Hydrolyzed Hyaluronate
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Soluble Collagen

Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract

KIGELIA AFRICANA FRUIT EXTRACT is traditionally used to treat skin problems, including eczema, acne, psoriasis. Modern scientific research has found that it has anti-aging, skin firming, as well as breast enlarging effect for female user. Recent scientific studies have found that it has skin repairing effect [1]. KIGELIA AFRICANA FRUIT EXTRACT contains several effective ingredients like “NORVIBURTINAL”, “FLAVONOIDS”, “STEROLS”, etc. “NORVIBURTINAL” has anti-tumor effect, “STEROLS” is able to alleviate a variety of skin problems, including eczema.

“FLAVONOIDS” has obvious moisturizing property, as well as antibacterial effect. It has high antioxidant ability to scavenge free radicals, thereby prevents free radical from damaging the collagen and elastin of the skin, reduce wrinkles, so as to achieve anti-aging effect. “FLAVONOIDS” in the human body can also lower cholesterol and maintain cardiovascular health [1]. Scientific researches found KIGELIA AFRICANA FRUIT EXTRACT containing the active ingredient of “VERMINOSIDE 8”. “VERMINOSIDE 8” has significant anti-inflammatory effect, it is able to alleviate muscle pain effectively [1] [2]. As a result, it is used to treat ache and cramp of muscle and tendon. (Note: [1] [2] in the text are from 1, 2 in the reference)

Trifolium Pratense Extract

TRIFOLIUM PRATENSE EXTRACT has a long history of the medical application. It is used to relieve spasm of muscle, antibiosis, anti-inflammation, relieving cough, etc. In modern times, it is widely used in anti-aging, as well as the anti-tumor field.

TRIFOLIUM PRATENSE EXTRACT is rich in an effective constituent of “red clover isoflavones”, including “DAIDZEIN”; “GENISTEIN”; “BIOCHANIN A” and ” FORMONONETIN” etc. These active ingredients help the body balance hormone levels. In clinical activities, it is widely used in relieving “Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)”. It is also used in the treatment of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, as well as Menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, osteoporosis [7] [8].

Scientific research found that red clover isoflavones help reduce ” LDL-CHOLESTEROL” in the body [11], so as to protect cardiovascular health, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, reduce fat. TRIFOLIUM PRATENSE EXTRACT contains natural antioxidant ingredient of “ISOFLAVONE”, which has anti-aging effect. It increases collagen of the skin, so as to smooth and moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. So it is suitable for people who have dry skin and dumb complexion [8]. “BIOCHANIN A” inhibits the “MELANOGENESIS”, “MELANOGEN” is the raw material that the body uses to produce “MELANIN”. As a result, ” BIOCHANIN A” reduces the production of “MELANIN” and has whitening effect. Symptoms caused by a decline in female hormone level

  • Mood disorders, such as irritability, depression
  • Hot flash, night sweat
  • Decrease skin elasticity, increase wrinkles
  • Sagged breast
  • Osteoporosis, body pain
  • Reduced libido, vaginal dryness

Scientific researches on the efficacy of TRIFOLIUM PRATENSE EXTRACT in the treatment of cancer: ①Scientific experiments show “BIOCHANIN A” is an effective inhibitor of carcinogen–“alpha -BENZOPYRENE” [13]. ②Scientific researches show that “Genistein” inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells” [3][4]. (Note: [3] [4] [6] [7] [8] [11] [13] in the text are from [3] [4] [6] [7] [8] [11] [13] in the reference)

Glycine Soja (Soyabean) Seed Extract

GLYCINE SOJA (SOYBEAN) SEED EXTRACT also contains a variety of vitamins (including C, B6, B12, etc.), minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, etc.), and unsaturated fatty acid that human body needs. It can effectively support the cell function, so as to achieve a real healthy and beautiful skin.

It also contains amino acids like TYROSINE, PROLINE, SERINE. Proline is an important component in the synthesis of collagen, so it protects and enhances skin elasticity.

GLYCINE SOJA (SOYBEAN) SEED EXTRACT contains affluent soy ISOFLAVONE, including DIOSGENIN. DIOSGENIN can be used as material for the synthesis of human hormone [12], it helps the body balance hormone level, thereby reduce hormone related cancer, such as breast cancer [3][5][12]. It is able to alleviate hot flash, osteoporosis and other symptoms of menopause. Soy isoflavone is a kind of effective natural antioxidant, can effectively scavenge free radicals, prevent free radical from damaging cells, protect collagen from damage that caused by free radicals, so as to protect and enhance the skin elasticity. It can also effectively prevent DNA from damage, so as to lower the risk of genetic mutation and cancer.

Clinical epidemiology statistics show that Chinese and Japanese intake more soy ISOFLAVONE than people live in Europe and the United States. As a result, occurrence rate of breast, colon and prostate cancer in Chinese and Japanese were significantly lower than that in Europe and the United States.

(Note: the data in the text [3] [5] [12] from the reference data in 3,5,12)

Punica Granatum Flower Extract

Pomegranate flower extract is a powerful natural antioxidant, because it contains rich “POLYPHENOLS”. In the DPPH (a free radical) scavenging rate test, the antioxidant capacity of pomegranate flower extract is as high as 81.6%. Pomegranate flower extract can effectively remove free radicals, such as reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS), so as to reduce LIPID PEROXIDASE(LPO) that caused by free radicals.

lipid peroxide (LPO) does harm to tissue and cells, so LPO has close relationship with ageing and disease. [9] (for example: arteriosclerosis, pigmentation, muscle pain, etc.). Therefore, the pomegranate flower extract has anti-aging effect.

In scientific experiments, pomegranate flower extract can effectively protect animal tissues from oxidative damage of free radicals. Other scientific researches found: pomegranate flower extract has a significant protective effect on the liver of animals in experiments, the study found that pomegranate flower extract can effectively maintain the the level of antioxidant
— GLUTATHIONE (GSH) in the body. GSH protects the liver and has skin whitening effect.

Research has shown that pomegranate flower extract helps maintain the level of “liver enzymes (for example, AST, ALT, ALP)”, ALBUMIN and BILIRUBIN within normal range [10]. Therefore, pomegranate flower extract helps to maintain health of the liver. The liver is the organ that responsible for metabolism of human hormones, so a healthy liver ensures the balance of human hormone, so in medical practice, the pomegranate flower extract helps people have cheerful mood (in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, good liver function is related to good mood), reduce pigmentation on the face.

(Note: 9,10 in the text are from 9, 10 in the reference)


LECITHIN is essential to cells of the body, if the body lacks it, the regeneration of skin cells will slow down. Lecithin has good hydrophilicity and lipophilicity, improve complexion, reduce wrinkles.

Transdermal absorption of Lecithin is excellent, and it also facilitates the absorption of the ingredients in the product, as a result, it facilitates the utilization of the ingredients.

Sodium Hyaluronate

This ingredient can be combined with water which is the equivalent of 1000 times of its weight, so as to moisturize skin effectively, relieve dryness of skin, alleviate skin diseases, such as eczema.

Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer

This is a new generation of hyaluronic acid with 24 hours moisturizing ability. It is a 3-DIMENSIONAL lattice structure formed by numerous units of SODIUM HYALURONATE. It gradually releases “sodium HYALURONATE” to achieve long-lasting moisturizing effect.

C12-13 Alkyl Glyceryl Hydrolyzed Hyaluronate

This ingredient has high moisturizing properties, it is used to improve rough and impaired skin.

Tocopheryl Acetate

It is a natural antioxidant which can remove free radicals caused by ultraviolet, radiation and other factors. As a result, it prevents free radical from attacking cells and tissures of the body. It enhances the skin’s elasticity, as a result, it repairs and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, moisturizes the skin and provides deep nourishment from the inside out. Due to the protection of collegen, It helps reduce wrinkles.

Tyrosinase is a necessary material in the production of melanin. Vitamin E can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thus reducing the formation of melanin. Vitamin E also improves Microcirculation, facilitates delivery of nutrition and the elimination of metabolic waste, so as to remove the pigment spot of the skin.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen is small molecular of peptides from collagen hydrolyzation. Hydrolyzed collagen contains 20 kinds of amino acid including glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These 3 amino acids take 50% of the total amount of amino acid. Hydrolyzed collagen can be quickly absorbed by the skin, increase the density of COLLAGEN FIBRILS and the number of FIBROBLASTS. FIBROBLASTS helps repair impaired skin, it reduces the impact of aging on the skin.

Soluble Collagen

This ingredient moisturizes the skin, improves the resistance capability of the skin, and maintains the structural integrity of the skin tissue. So as to achieve effects of anti- aging, moisturizing, wrinkle reducing, whitening.

1. Ms. Yan 30 years old (headachepain at neck and shoulder)
I am very busily engaged in work in the daytime, and sometimes I need to stay up late in the night to complete my
work. I often feel headache, muscle tightness and pain in neck and shoulder, sometimes I experience emotional
restlessness. I have sleep disorder and always dreams a lot.
I tried massage at neck and shoulder muscles with Neo essence, stimulating the accupuncture points of “Feng
chi”(International code GB20) and “Jianjing”(International code GB21), I accept massage twice per week (by the
beautician, each time I use a bottle of Neo essence), the rest of the time I apply Neo essence on neck and belly
myself. Just after the first use of this product, I had experienced relaxation of the muscles of neck and shoulder. I
was able to fall into sleep soon at that night. When I had used Neo Essence for about a week, I found my skin was
more smooth and elastic than before, my skin complexion was improved, wrinkles and fine lines were reduced. In
addition to that, my energy in the daytime is sufficient due to the improved quality of sleep at night.

2. CANDY 49 years old (chloasma)
Chloasma on my face increased gradually in recent ten years, the color gradually deepened. I had tried many
products to reduce the chloasma, but the effect was not good, the problem rebounded soon or become even worse
once I discontinued certain products. So I tried NEO ESSENCE, as it is a product that aims to balance the
hormone of the body and scavenge excessive free radicals in the body. with the balance of the body function of
the overall approach to deal with, is called the root of the law. Every week Neo essence of course twice (carried
out by beauticians, each time you use a bottle of Neo essence), the rest of the time with Neo essence massage neck
and belly maintenance. A week later found that the color of the face skin pigmentation area becomes shallow, the
size of the area is reduced. To her surprise, her whole life increased, work efficiency increased, as if to find a
young feeling. Originally began to relax the sagging facial tissue also has a compact upgrade.

3, VIVIAN 38 years old (sagged breast)
I were not satisfied with my body shape because my breast was sagged. Sometimes I feel inferiority because of
that. And I believed if I could improve my body shape, I would be more confident, and probably be more
successful in my career and found my dream lover. Over the years I tried a variety of ways but the effect was not
satisfied. Once upon a time, one of my friends introduced Neo essence to me, I accepted beauty course using this
product twice a week, each time I used one bottle of Neo essence, the rest of the time I applied Neo essence on my
breast and abdomen, then massaged to make the product well absorbed. Just a week later my breast was lift up
effectively, the elasticity of the breast was improved, as a result, the breast became firm. Its fast efficacy really
amazed me.

4, Mrs. Lam 50 years old (hot flashes, night sweats, emotional problems)
My sleep quality is severely affected by hot flashes, night sweat. As a result, my energy in the daytime was not
sufficient, the efficiency of work was affected. I had sought help from main stream medicine, as well as traditional
Chinese medicine. However, the result is not satisfied. I was deeply bothered by those problems, then emotional
disorders came up to me. Some friends introduced Neo essence to me in the hope of relieving my problem as this
product contained natural ingredients without any adverse effects, and the user could enjoy the massage at the
same time. I took this therapy twice a week (carried out by beauticians, each time used a bottle of Neo essence),
and I applied Neo essence on my neck and belly daily for maintenance. The night I took the first treatment, hot
flash had been reduced by about 50%, night sweat was also significantly reduced, as a result, sleep quality was
improved significantly. The efficacy of this product was far beyond my expectation. Just about a week later, the
symptoms of hot flash and night sweat remained just 10% of origin. Now I am able to fall asleep very fast, the
quality of my sleep is deep and without many dreams.

5, ANSON 25 years old (lack of energy, fatigue)
Stress that comes from my work has always makes me feel tired, especially that I need to take night shift. Before I
knew Neo Essence I had tried various kinds of heal supplements and treatments, but the effect failed to amaze me.
I became interested in Neo Essence because it aimed to improve the body as a whole, rather than aiming just at the
local area. I took this therapy twice a week (carried out by the beautician, each time I used a bottle of Neo essence),
the rest of the time I applied Neo essence on my neck and belly for maintenance. I felt a sense of refreshing just
after the first time I experienced this therapy. It is really an amazing product. My energy improved significantly
when I had just used this product for one week. I am able to cope with the stress in my work very well now. And
my complexion and eye become brighter than before, this makes me be more handsome.

6, Mr. Chan 45 years old (backache, fatigue)
Due to long time of work sitting on the chair in the office, I always have backache, and often feel tired. I tried
using Neo essence when I accepted massage the back of the neck muscles, stimulating accupuncture points of “hua
tuo jia ji”. I accepted this therapy twice per week (by the beautician, use a bottle of Neo essence each time), and
applied appropriate amount of Neo Essence on the pain area. It was amazing that my muscle pain had almost gone
just after I had used Neo Essence for a week.

7, ANDREW 35 years old (allergic rhinitis)
I suffered from Allergic Rhinitis since I was a juvenile. I used to sneezed and had a runny nose after I got up in the
morning. My breath was not smooth because of nasal obstruction. Therefore I often felt I lacked of energy at that
time and It was difficult to concentrate on my work and study. Sometimes I even felt dizziness. I tried using neo
essence to massage the back, stimulating the accupuncture points of “Feishu” and “Dingchuan”. I took this therapy
twice a week (carried out by beautician, use a bottle of Neo essence each time). And I applied appropriate amount
of Neo essence on my neck and belly daily. About a week after I started to use Neo Essence, my nasal ventilation
had been improved significantly. Sneezing in the morning reduced, dizziness disappeared. Now I am able to well
focuse my attention on work and study. As a result, efficacy of my work and study is improved.

8, Ms. Yee 28 year old (headache and emotional instability)
At the time I started using Neo Essence, I had suffered from headache and emotional instability for a long time. I
used to take pain killer tablet to relieve the symptome. However, the body built resistance to the drug after
long-time use. As a result, I need to take more to maintain efficacy. I came to realize that I should not depend on
medical drugs any more, and I decided to find a method to tackle my problem rather than just covering the
symptome to cheat myself.
I knew Neo Essence from a friend. I was very interested in it as this product was natural and of many benefits,
such as balancing the hormone, relaxation, as well as improving blood circulation. So I decided to have a try. I
accepted this therapy twice every week (carried out by beauticians, each time use a bottle of Neo essence), and I
applied Neo essence on the neck and belly daily for maintenance. Not only my headache was relieve obviously
after used this product, but also my energy was boosted out of my expectation.

9, Miss Wong 32 years old (Require improvement in blood circulation)
After my son was born five years ago, iciness of disease came up to me. And I could not sweat well when I
exercised. The quality of my sleep was not good. I had tried to sought help from traditional Chinese medicine
about these symptoms, but the effect was not satisfied. TCM considered that I had deficiency of Yin (Yin is the
counter-part of Yang in the human body, according to TCM, human life consists of Yin and Yang, which are the
essence of the life).So long-term treatment was required for this kind of situation.
However, I wanted to get my problem solved quickly. Some of my friends introduced Neo Essence to me. . I
took this therapy twice a week (carried out by beauticians, each time you use a bottle of Neo essence), the rest of
the time I applied appropriate amount of Neo essence on my neck and belly for maintenance. I slept well in the
night that I experienced this therapy for the first time. Rather than waking up in the process of sleep, I had a good
quality of sleep from that night to the morning of the next day. Of course, I was full of energy and had a pleasant
mood in the daytime. About a week later, my iciness of disease was improved. I have used Neo Essence for around
1 month now, my hands and feet are warm. Now I sweat well when I do exercise, I really enjoy it.

10.DONNA 50 years old (overweight, required to improve her body shape )
I knew Neo Essence about 2 months ago. At that time, I had gained weight in recent years, as a result, I was not
satisfied with my body shape, especially my waistline. My body examination report showed that my blood lipid
was higher than the normal range, which may hazard the cardiovascular health. I often felt drowsy in the daytime,
this may be a result of high lipid level. I had sought help from traditional Chinese medicine, they said that my
metabolism rate was not good, as a result, there was excessive “damp”in my body accordidng to the theory of
traditional Chinese medicine. But the treatment of TCM could not solve the problem in a short term.
I heard that Neo essence was a product containing natural ingredients. It balances the hormone level in human
body without any adverse effect. So I started to take this therapy twice a week (carried out by a beautician, each
time I used a bottle of Neo essence), the rest of the time I applied Neo essence on my chest and waist for
My energy had been improved a lot when I had just used Neo Essence for a week, drowsiness in the daytime had
been reduced significantly. My waistline had been reduced and lifted up obviously. I am slim again now. Clothes
that I could not wear before I took this therapy fits me very well now, NEO Essence makes me regain confidence.

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